What is this course all about?

The Valuation Master Class is an on-demand online course that trains attendees to become company valuation experts. Graduates can confidently value any company and possess the in-demand industry skills needed to succeed as investment bankers, asset managers, equity analysts, or value investors. The course is the brainchild of #1-rated financial analyst Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA, who has valued companies for 30+ years.

This course will help you become a valuation expert, whether you are new to the field of finance and want practical valuation experience, have already been valuing companies and want to deepen your knowledge, or have no knowledge of finance and want to switch your career to the world of finance.

The full Valuation Master Class consists of Foundation and Professional: 

Foundation – Helps attendees build a strong finance, forecasting, and valuation foundation. Attendees value 1 company, consume about 30 hours of video course content, and spend about 10 hours on valuation assignments. Attendees can study foundation independently or be guided in the 6-week Valuation Master Class Boot Camp

Professional – Covers advanced valuation topics for those who want to build a competitive advantage in valuation. Attendees value 9 companies, all of which must pass a rigorous peer review. Attendees consume about 30 hours of content and spend about 80 hours valuing companies. Professional is entirely self-paced and requires a strong student commitment to graduate.

Valuation Master Class Foundation consists of two parts: Finance Made Ridiculously Simple and Valuation Master Class Foundation. This course provides about 30 hours of valuable content and 10 hours of assignment work. Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA, created the course based on knowledge gained from his journey from valuation novice to #1 analyst and valuation master.

How does this course work?

The full Valuation Master Class, Foundation + Professional, takes about 150 hours to complete.

We teach in short blocks of content. Each lesson starts with a learning outcome statement and ends with a summary of what you have learned to help you better retain the material. In this course, your knowledge will build progressively, so you must finish each lesson before moving on to the next.

When you sign up for the course, you will receive the financial model that we use every day to value companies. You will complete assignments in this financial model throughout the course, which assures you are putting your new knowledge into practice.

When you enter Professional, you will also get access to the Facebook membership group, which will allow you to contact Dr. Stotz and the team at any time. We encourage all students to reach out with any questions. You get lifetime access to all the course materials, so you can always go back and review prior lessons. Also, your lifetime membership allows you to have access to any newly added material.

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The only program that trains you exactly how to value actual companies like a pro and get your dream job in finance.

Is this course right for me?

If you want to build a competitive advantage in company valuation, you want a strong foundation in finance and valuation, and industry-leading methods of equity valuation, the Valuation Master Class is for you! Our typical students fall into one of these categories:

Ambitious university student


Bomb is a results-driven student who recently got accepted at a top university in the US. Before starting his studies, he wanted to establish a network of like-minded people and gain practical experience. Upon submitting his final research project in the Valuation Master Class, Dr. Stotz arranged an interview at a leading investment bank in the US, resulting in an internship.

Frustrated trader


Tong started as a day trader and mainly analyzed price charts when making investment decisions. After many ups and downs, he realized that he was not consistently profitable with his daily trades. At which time, he decided to shift his focus to understand the companies he invests in deeply. The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp helped him to analyze the company’s financials and estimate its value. Now, he combines fundamental analysis with price charts and is more consistently profitable.

Business grad entering finance


Chris’s dream is to become a fund manager. He successfully passed the CFA level I and his bachelor’s degree in business. He was struggling to find ways to apply his theoretical knowledge to real-world projects. After valuing actual companies and writing a complete equity research report in the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp, he is well-equipped to kick off his career in finance. Upon completion, Dr. Stotz helped him to land an internship at a local asset management company.

Shifting career to finance


Varuth comes from a non-finance background but wants to shift his career into the finance industry. During the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp, he learned how to read and analyze financial statements from scratch. By the end of the course, he was able to present his company valuation project confidently. His continuous strive for knowledge allowed him to catch up with his finance peers quickly, and he is now prepared to enter his first finance job.

This is what a connection at a bulge bracket bank said about one of our students:

Our students have made careers at:

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Valuation Master Class is created to equip you with the skills required to work as an investment banker, asset manager, equity analyst, or become a value investor.

The Valuation Master Class Road Map to Valuation Mastery

Foundation Package

Finance Made Ridiculously Simple

In Finance Made Ridiculously Simple, Dr. Stotz combines over 30 years of teaching and financial analyst experience with his background as a business founder to make finance accessible to everyone. This course will apply what you learn about financial statements to each of the ten major economic sectors, making the content practical for beginners and valuable for experienced finance professionals.

The course teaches the foundations of accounting and financial analysis in a simple and easy-to-follow style. Students will learn to interpret financial statements and apply the most important financial ratios.

The materials and videos are downloadable, along with a downloadable workbook to help you follow along.

Valuation Master Class Foundation

In Valuation Master Class Foundation, students download the ValueModel, the company valuation tool that Dr. Stotz developed over three decades.

You then follow along as Dr. Stotz takes you through the journey of forecasting and valuing one company. Students continue to apply what they learn to the same 10 economic sectors covered in Finance Made Ridiculously Simple.

In addition, you will learn how to predict the most critical items in a balance sheet, with a particular focus on "free money." This section also covers the discounted cash flow method, relative valuation, and Dr. Stotz's unique sensitivity analysis tool.

You will receive downloadable checklists to help you apply the course principles in real life. You also get access to the ValueModel, including up-to-date share price data broken down by region, country, and sector.

Dr. Stotz will show you how to use his error reduction tool built into the ValueModel to transform your valuation output from amateur to professional.

Students will learn how to create each company's revenue structure report developed by Dr. Stotz and avoid common mistakes by using the error-checking section of the ValueModel.

Finally, you will have access to Dr. Stotz's original research on topics such as the cost of equity, return on invested capital, and beta. Get access to valuation tools used by real institutions.

  • Master balance sheet and income statement forecasts 
  • Be able to calculate financial ratios 
  • Create a detailed revenue breakdown 
  • Value real companies 
  • Learn the most common valuation mistakes and how to avoid them 
  • Apply absolute and relative valuation methods 
  • Decide which valuation method is suitable in different settings 
  • Determine the target price of a company

Start your journey today!

It’s hard to get a finance job without real-world experience; gain that experience through valuing actual companies.

Valuation Master Class Professional

Professional covers advanced valuation topics for those who want to build a competitive advantage in valuation. Attendees value 9 companies, all of which must pass a rigorous peer review. Attendees consume about 30 hours of content and spend about 80 hours valuing companies. Professional is entirely self-paced and requires a strong student commitment to graduate. 

In Professional, you will:

  • Benchmark companies against their peers
  • Learn advanced topics in forecasting and valuation
  • Value companies of your choice 
  • Give feedback on valuations done  5 junior students
  • Evaluate a stock's investment attractiveness considering Fundamentals, Valuation, Momentum, and Risk (FVMR)
  • Learn the A. Stotz Investment Research 9 Point Stock Picking Checklist
  • Acquire immense practical experience in valuing companies
  • Deepen your knowledge of specialized topics
  • Identify weak points in others' research 
  • Assess a company's investment attractiveness
  • Address environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)
  • Write an original equity research report
  • Learn how to structure the story behind your assumptions and how to bring excitement to your presentation
  • Learn how to make an impactful presentation
  • Present your final valuation report to Dr. Stotz, and defend your buy/sell recommendation
  • Write an original research report

Congratulations, you have become a Valuation Expert! At this point, you have developed the ability to produce world-class equity research. Though you should never stop learning, you are now equipped to continue developing on your own. Of course, our team will always support a Valuation Expert if needed! 

The Professional package is only US$897 and can be purchased after completing Valuation Master Class Foundation. 

For a limited time, you can get Foundation + Professional for only US$997 and save US$297. 

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Andrew Stotz, Ph.D., CFA

CEO, A. Stotz Investment Research

In 1992 I left a promising management career at Pepsi-Cola in California to teach finance in Thailand, and I have not stopped teaching since. In 1993, I found my life calling as a financial analyst. Over my 20-year career at brokerages and investment banks, my proudest moment was when my clients voted me #1 analyst in Thailand in the Asiamoney Brokers Polls and Institutional Investor magazine.

I now run my own company, A. Stotz Investment Research, where we provide research and research tools for institutions and high-net-worth investors; as well, we have a consulting arm that helps CEOs and management teams make their companies financially world-class.

The ValuationMasterClass.com comes from my near three decades of teaching and working in finance. I am also the host of the My Worst Investment Ever podcast, author of four books, and creator of four online courses.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, an MBA from California State University, and a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Science and Technology of China. I live in Bangkok with my 85-year-old mother, who will attest that I remain an analyst at heart!


“Andrew’s passion for teaching comes to life as early as the first video on Module 1. This really helped me remain relentless from Module 1 to Module 5, and it elevated my performance as an investment banker and current investment fund analyst. It’s amazing how I can now value any company in the world right away, without any confusion or overthinking.”

Jana Kristofova (Luxembourg) - Investment Professional

“Before the Valuation Master Class, I had no offers, no experience, and almost gave up on my dream to work in finance. Fortunately, Andrew helped me turn that around. Check out my story!”

Kontee Siravongtanawadi (USA)

“Andrew’s commitment to the students is incredibly unique. I’ve never had a teacher who cared this much about my learning and development. The unique nature of this course helped me learn more about finance in a month than 3 years of finance courses in university!”

Johannes Steffan Huang (Indonesia)

“The Valuation Master Class changed my life and the way I understand my business. I graduated from this course with the ability to completely understand the finances of my company, which is absolutely crucial when you run a business. Looking back, I realized there’s no better feeling than being taught and getting feedback directly from THE Dr. Andrew Stotz! Learning from him is a total confidence-booster and not many people can say they were mentored by an award-winning analyst and CFA Society president!”

Shivam Agrawal (Thailand) - Business Owner

Frequently asked questions

Get all your questions answered!

  • What is the refund policy? Can I cancel at any time?

    Some people ask us why we make it so easy for our students to get a refund. The answer is that it motivates us to make our material cutting edge and to make sure that we deliver more than what you expected. We have a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. We don’t want your money if you’re not satisfied. Once in the course, you can request your refund at any time within 30 days. I know what you are thinking, “Could I sign up, download all the content, and then ask for a refund?” The answer is, “Yes.” But despite that, we get almost no refund requests because our students feel the value they get (plus, they don’t want to lose access to the Facebook group, where all the magic happens!).

  • Will I earn a certificate of completion?

    You will earn a certificate of completion at the end of the course. You will also get instructions on how you can add a certificate of completion on your LinkedIn page. And if you wish, you can also apply to get a personal recommendation on your LinkedIn directly from your teacher, Dr. Andrew Stotz.

  • Can I email the instructor if I have questions?

    Once you are in the class, you will have direct access to your teacher, Dr. Andrew Stotz and his team. You will be able to contact them through email, Facebook Messenger, and even video if needed. We created this course because we have a passion for helping our students succeed, so don’t worry, we will always be available for you.

  • I am a high school student, can I join?

    You are ABSOLUTELY welcome! We all wish we had started learning at an earlier age! Dr. Stotz has worked hard to make the material easy-to-understand, so you should have no problem. All you need to do is put your heart into it and we will make sure that you get all the value we have to offer!

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We have a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. We don’t want your money if you’re not satisfied.