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Here you will find everything you need to master the finances of any business. And the good news is that it is all presented in a relaxed, fun, and entertaining way.

What makes this course different is that Dr. Andrew Stotz, teaches through his personal experience as a leading financial professional and business owner. Dr. Stotz has masterfully condensed his thirty years of experience to just nine, action-packed hours of learning.

There are three general types of people who benefit from this course: Up and coming new employees, business leaders, and aspiring executives.

Up and coming new employees

Have you ever struggled with getting started learning finance? Been overwhelmed by all the different books and jargon? Have you learned some finance, but still don’t know which financial measures are most relevant and how to apply them?

  • Understand how to evaluate company financial performance

  • Have the financial tools to help you move up the corporate ladder

  • Be able to broaden your career opportunities into the field of finance

Start your journey today!

Business leaders

Have you ever felt frustrated that you are not achieving your financial goals? Do members of your management team lack the skills needed to lead your company to financial success? Are you tired of being the only one pushing for the financial performance of your company?

  • Your management team will be able to get your company on track for financial excellence

  • All managers will start to understand and consider the financial impact of their business decisions

  • You will feel the relief of no longer being the only one accountable for your company’s financial success

Transform your business today!

Aspiring executives

Have you ever felt that your finance skills are holding you back from achieving your career goals? Have you ever been confused with the financial language that your boss and other managers are speaking? Have you ever tried to learn finance through an MBA or self-study program but still could not put that knowledge into action?

  • Feel more confident about your financial skills and how to apply them to advance your career

  • Thoroughly understand the finance jargon you hear at work

  • No longer need to study finance, because you will have learned all you need to know for success

Advance your career now

Course curriculum

Step-by-step through seven modules

  • 1

    Strengthen your accounting and finance foundation

    • Welcome

    • The most important financial statement

    • How shareholders set up a business

    • Balance sheet basics

    • Four main types of long-term assets

    • The importance of inventory

    • Depreciation and accrued accounts

    • Principles and four main accrual accounts

    • Gross profit and retained earnings

    • Settling accounts receivables and payables

    • L11 Wrap up

  • 2

    Understand why business starts with revenue

    • Start with revenue

    • My revenue story

    • Revenue strategies from the masters

    • Revenue growth by sector

  • 3

    See how management builds competitive advantage

    • Understanding competitive advantage

    • Introduction to GICS

    • Ten sector-leading companies

  • 4

    Master the three income statement margins that matter

  • 5

    Appreciate why assets are the origin of value

    • The beautiful balance sheet

    • Strategic vs. core assets

    • Details of strategic assets

    • Details of core assets

  • 6

    Realize how liabilities finance assets

    • Strategic vs. core funding

    • Finding the free money

    • Equity funding

  • 7

    Apply ratios to deepen understanding

    • Measuring growth

    • Internal liquidity

    • Margins and profitability

    • Breakdown of return

    • Assessing risk

Our students say

  • The financial concepts in this course helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue a career in finance.

  • This course helped me fast forward my career by giving me practical knowledge of how finance applies to my company.

  • Dr. Stotz made complex financial reports seem simple by providing me with real-world examples and applications.

Meet your guide

Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA

In 1992, Dr. Stotz left a management career at Pepsi-Cola in California to teach finance in Thailand and has not stopped teaching since. In 1993, he found his life calling as a financial analyst, a job for which he was eventually voted #1 in Thailand. In the second half of his 20-year career in investment banking, Dr. Stotz was a head of research leading teams of financial analysts. During that time, he served as a two-time president of CFA Society Thailand and now runs his own firm, A. Stotz Investment Research, which provides research and tools for institutions and high-net-worth investors; as well as, helps CEOs make their companies financially world class. He holds a Bachelor of Science in finance and an MBA from California State University and earned his Ph.D. in finance at the University of Science and Technology of China. Andrew lives in Bangkok with his 82-year-old mother, who will attest that he remains an analyst at heart!

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“Finance Made Ridiculously Easy,” the title explains it all! I took the course with the bare minimum of financial knowledge, but the simplicity of the course made it easy for me to learn. ”

Walter Jeffrey Aye

“I never thought that the knowledge of finance would make such a huge impact on my understanding of how my company works.”

Sukhmani Singh

“My limited knowledge of finance did not allow me to progress further in my marketing career. After taking this course, I felt confident that I can add value working in a larger role for my company.”

Nakarin Sombatthaveepoon

“I was shocked by how easy it was to progress through the course material. After taking this course, I no longer hate finance.”

Prajakta Mandelkar