Join this course if you feel

  • OVERWHELMED by the complexity of the stock market.

  • DISAPPOINTED after losing money from following bad investment advice.

  • OVERLOADED with contradicting investment ideas and strategies.

After this course, you will feel

  • CLARITY from learning our step-by-step investment process.

  • CONTROL after creating your own personalized financial plan.

  • PEACE OF MIND from unsubscribing to all the investment noise and implementing this simple system

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Course curriculum

Step-by-step through four modules

  • 1

    Start investing right

    • Welcome to the course

    • Step 1: Create a plan and follow it

    • Knowledge Check 1

    • Step 2: Keep investing simple

    • Knowledge Check 2

    • Step 3: Start early; time really is money

    • Knowledge Check 3

  • 2

    Set realistic expectations

    • Step 4: Get real about stock market return 1

    • Step 4: Get real about stock market return 2

    • Step 4: Get real about stock market return 3

    • Knowledge Check 4

    • Step 5: Do it yourself

    • Knowledge Check 5

    • Disclaimer

  • 3

    Apply investing principles

  • 4

    Think and act long-term

    • Step 10: Own both stocks and bonds 1

    • Step 10: Own both stocks and bonds 2

    • Knowledge Check 10

    • Step 11: Trade infrequently

    • Knowledge Check 11

    • Step 12: Stay invested and watch it grow

    • Knowledge Check 12

    • Your Next Steps

    • Testimonial

    • Disclaimer

    • Facebook group

Our students say

  • I was amazed at how Andrew condensed 30 years of experience into a 4-hour easy-to-understand course.

  • Andrew’s life stories allowed me to relate to the course material on a personal level.

  • It was eye-opening to learn a simple and direct way to build my wealth through investing.

  • My friends can’t believe how I can now easily navigate the complexities of the stock market.

  • I can finally make my own financial decisions without the need for professionals.

  • The information I learned from Andrew gave me realistic expectations.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA

In 1992, Dr. Stotz left a management career at Pepsi-Cola in California to teach finance in Thailand and has not stopped teaching since. In 1993, he found his life calling as a financial analyst, a job for which he was eventually voted #1 in Thailand. In the second half of his 20-year career in investment banking, Dr. Stotz was a head of research leading teams of financial analysts. During that time, he served as a two-time president of CFA Society Thailand and now runs his own firm, A. Stotz Investment Research, which provides research and tools for institutions and high-net-worth investors; as well as, helps CEOs make their companies financially world class. He holds a Bachelor of Science in finance and an MBA from California State University and earned his Ph.D. in finance at the University of Science and Technology of China. Andrew lives in Bangkok with his 82-year-old mother, who will attest that he remains an analyst at heart!

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“The Build Your Wealth Course is amazing for beginners. You don’t need to know anything about finance. You only need to be patient and follow the strategies. It is truly a real myth buster!”

Marcin Górka

“Even a total beginner will understand the content in the Build Your Wealth course.”

Frankee Vincent Padua

“I used to rely heavily on financial advisors until I realized that most of them had no interest in growing my wealth and were only trying to sell their products to me. Given that, I was skeptical about taking the course. However, I took the chance to take it and I found that this course was the real deal. Not only Dr. Andrew Stotz was genuine with his teachings, but he also made the course easy for me to understand. This course is definitely a new outlook on how I view life”

Former student

“I only wish I had known Dr. Stotz’s advice in this course when I was 18. Highly recommended. ”

Former Student

“Insecure and uninformed is how I felt about finance before undertaking Dr. Stotz’s Build Your Wealth online course. But unlike any other online courses, Dr. Stotz’s course was an eye-opener about the harsh investment truths and myths. Trust me; now I’m more aware and confident about the investments I’m making!”

Former Student

“A simple yet unbelievably enlightening course! The Build Your Wealth online course has absolutely transformed my perception of the stock market. I’m now ready, confident, and excited to be on the pathway to financial independence!”

Clarice Abigail Rio Balicat

“Planning and strategizing are the two magic words to success in life. Dr. Stotz’s Build Your Wealth online course helps you do exactly that. It helps you guide your way to success.”

Former student