Are you ready to change your life?

How would your life change if you read the 12 best business books of all time and implemented at least one good idea from each? Of course, it would cause profound positive changes. That’s the goal of the Best Business Book Club.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Book 1: Atomic Habits

  • 2

    Book 2: Start With Why

    • Feb 09, Start With Why

    • Feb 16, Start With Why

    • Feb 23, Start With Why

  • 3

    Book 3: Understanding Michael Porter

    • Mar 02, Understanding Michael Porter

    • Mar 09, Understanding Michael Porter

    • Mar 23, Understanding Michael Porter

  • 4

    Book 4: The Ultimate Sales Machine

    • Mar 30, The Ultimate Sales Machine

    • Apr 13, The Ultimate Sales Machine

    • Apr 20, The Ultimate Sales Machine

    • Apr 27, The Ultimate Sales Machine

  • 5

    Book 5: The Checklist Manifesto

    • May 4, The Checklist Manifesto | Atul Gawande

    • May 11, The Checklist Manifesto | Atul Gawande

    • May 25, The Checklist Manifesto Discussion

  • 6

    Book 6: Never Split the Difference

    • Jun 8, Never Split the Difference

    • Jun 22, Never Split the Difference

  • 7

    Book 8: Measure What Matters

    • Aug 3, Measure What Matters

    • Aug 17, Measure What Matters

What you get when you join

We built the book club around the belief that to improve; we must implement new things that we learn. Our objective is beyond just learning and implementing; it is also about building lasting friendships with like-minded people who will give us honest feedback and support us in our journey. When you join, you get immediate access to the group and materials. You will feel strong support from the facilitator, Dr. Andrew Stotz, and other group members.

  • A curated list of the 12 best business books

  • Weekly video calls to share and maintain your progress

  • Cheat sheets for each book to reinforce key points

  • Support to implement one lesson from each book

Get focused!

It’s a challenge to read in this world full of distractions

Have you ever gone on YouTube or Netflix and, a few hours later, felt like your time slipped away? Have you ever sat down to read a book only to be distracted by the buzz of your mobile phone? We live in a world full of distractions. In this book club, we help you stay on track with your reading.

Join a community of like-minded people

It’s hard to find positive people who can help us grow

Have you struggled with working from home? Have you found it harder to get to know people and build relationships? Do all your friends think alike, and you worry that you may be missing a wider world of knowledge? Join this book club to get to know like-minded people devoted to self-improvement.

Put your new knowledge into action

It’s a struggle to implement the new ideas we learn

Have you ever been excited about implementing a new idea you learned from a book but, in the end, never followed through? Have you ever tried to implement a new promising idea but could not overcome the internal resistance in your company? In this book club, we discuss and debate the critical lessons from each book, and then each member sets an implementation plan to put the most suitable lesson into action.