Get more productive

This short course will kickstart your productivity

I create this course with the sole purpose of giving aspiring and established entrepreneurs professional guidance on how to take that "next step" in productivity. I know your busy schedule doesn't avail you the time to read and dissect 36 different books. Don't worry; I have done the work for you! This course takes invaluable concepts and information from over 30 different books and authors and presents it concisely and comprehensibly. This short course will better equip you to assess where you are, where you want to be, and what it takes to get there. Devote about one hour of your time to get started on your journey to higher productivity.

Ariana, Human resource assistant

Frustrated to miss out on opportunities for advancement

Ariana is a recent graduate who just started her first job as a human resources assistant. She felt frustrated seeing her friends and colleagues post on social media about their opportunities for advancement at work. Seeing this challenged her to improve herself, so she searched online and found the “Don’t Read These 36 Books” short course. In the course, Dr. Stotz’s story of overcoming his failures and struggles inspired Ariana. After the course, she had a good idea of how to start taking control of her life. This start gave her a greater sense of purpose and started opening up opportunities at work.

Mina, Owner of a marketing agency

Overwhelmed trying to handle her daily workload

Mina worked for a famous marketing agency and decided to act on her burning desire to start her own business. However, running a business was more complicated than she expected; she felt overwhelmed by the workload and problems. This feeling led Mina to ask her friends if they knew of an expert who could guide her through time management and goal setting. They recommend she take “Don’t Read These 36 Book” as an excellent place to start. Mina loved how Dr. Stotz condensed the value in those 36 books into four simple ideas that she could immediately implement. After attending the class, she could use the time saved to invest it back into herself and build a solid foundation for her business.

Dave, CEO

Depressed with his poor project management skills

Dave owned several successful businesses and was feeling the pressure of competitors taking away his market share. He was feeling depressed about his weak project management skills. Determined not to lose market share, Dave started searching for a practical self-improvement course. He came across the “Don’t Read These 36 Books” course, in which he learned the key concepts to managing multiple projects. His confidence as a manager grew, and as a result, he started gaining market share and enjoying work again!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Don't read these 36 books

    • Introduction and what to expect

    • What held you back from achieving your goals?

    • My challenge

    • The history of goal setting and achievement

    • Why listen to me

    • The four keys to achieving your goal

    • Get ready to start achieving your goals